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Emmanuel “Emi” Santoyo

Missionary, Harvest Time Worship Center

Emmanuel is a husband and father, with a missionary call and a heart for youth and the skateboard communities in the Chicagoland area. He has founded a ministry called The Harbor Chicago which aims to share the Gospel with unchurched skatepark riders who desperately need the love and truth our Lord Jesus provides.

The aim is to assist youth and young adults in developing an identity of love and purpose, to know who they are through the teachings found in the Gospel.

The Harbor Chicago established in 2018 began by hosting summer barbecues at local outdoor skateparks to feed the communities and start conversations about the love of God. The Harbor is a group of people who have a passion for creating a culture of identity, faith, and love through skateboarding and other recreational activities.

During the winter months, Harvest Time Worship Center partners with The Harbor for transportation. This has allowed Brother Emi to take the group to indoor skateparks where they are provided with the opportunity to skate.

This ministry is also used as an out-reach arm of the church to develop a strong sense of community support and the importance of volunteering to help others.

Brother Emi has a unique style of ministry that speaks to the heart. As an integral part of our communications team and core leadership team, it is not unusual to find brother Emi behind Harvest Time’s café Bar serving up his famous cappuccinos.